Training Offered

Northwoods Bird Dogs offers one of the finest facilities in the country for training grouse dogs. It is managed by husband-and-wife team Jerry Kolter and Betsy Danielson who have extensive experience with upland bird hunting, guiding and field trial competition.

In addition, Jerry is a nationally recognized bird dog trainer with more than 20 years experience.  He brings each dog to its fullest potential through proper conditioning, proven training techniques and extensive exposure to birds.

The goal of training at Northwoods Bird Dogs is simple:  development of the dog so it hunts with intensity, handles kindly and points birds with impeccable manners. Betsy and Jerry want owners to be proud of their dog’s confidence, desire and style as a result of their training.Training Programs
Northwoods Bird Dogs offers training programs for all stages of a dog’s life. Each program is designed to prepare the dog for the next phase of training. In most cases, the program length is the minimum time necessary to accomplish the goal. In addition, special training programs are offered.

The following training programs are offered.

•  Puppy Foundation
•  Puppy Bird & Gun Introduction
•  Gun Dog Basics
•  Gun Dog Finished
•  Wild Birds:  Grouse & Woodcock, Sharp–tailed Grouse, Prairie
•  Winter in Georgia
•  Pre-Season Tune-up
•  Private Training

For details about training programs, please see 2014 Training Programs. To reserve a training spot, please use the Training Reservation Form.

Training Slideshow:

I can sure see the progress you made with Rip during the month you had him and am glad I sent him out to you to get that foundation. I feel a lot more confident that I’ll be able to turn him into the great hunting partner I was looking for when I purchased him. Thanks. Quotes End
~ Dave
Centerpiece x Ms. Pearl Delight, Pointer

Everything you have told me is happening just like you said! I feel like I should go to the chalk board and write 100 times “I will never doubt what Jerry says.” Quotes End
~ Mike
Owner of Northwoods Bees Knees, Setter

You helped me fulfill one of my dreams of having a great hunting dog. Quotes End
~ Jim
training client