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Northwoods Bird Dogs offers dogs for sale from their top quality English setter and pointer breeding program. These dogs have been handpicked from select litters and kept for development and training. They are dogs that have it all—talent in the field, excellent physical conformation, superior instincts, intelligence and wonderful temperaments.

The dogs are priced according to their level of development and training.

Several young dogs from 2014 litters are being trained in Georgia this winter and some will be for sale after the season. Other dogs might be available, also. Please contact Jerry and Betsy for more information.NW Smooch   Pointer, whelped April 21, 2013
CH Elhew G Force x Northwoods Vixen Pedigree

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Smooch is an evenly masked, dark orange and white female. She weights 42 lbs., and is leggy and strong. She has a friendly, playful disposition and is a character around the kennel. Smooch is well socialized with people and gets along with any dog. She is calm and clean in the kennel and rarely barks. She is intelligent and has a want-to-please attitude. She handles well at a medium range with just enough independence to make her an outstanding bird-finder. Smooch has an easy gait with a high, straight tail whether in motion or on point. She points with intensity and is extremely honest on her game.

Smooch has extensive exposure to birds. She spent two winters in Georgia working wild and released bobwhite quail and one month in North Dakota on sharp-tailed grouse. In addition she was hunted on ruffed grouse and woodcock last fall. She has been used on wild and liberated quail hunts and hunted from foot, jeep and horseback. Smooch shows a natural inclination to retrieve when given a chance. She has several placements in grouse and woodcock field trials, too.

Smooch has traveled, spent time on a stake-out chain, been conditioned from a four-wheeler and knows basic commands such as Here, Kennel, Whoa, Heel and Find It. She is ecollar conditioned on both neck and flank. She backs and is steady to wing and shotgun.

Smooch is a Trained Dog. With maturity and consistent work, her potential is unlimited. Please contact Jerry and Betsy for pricing.

Annie has made a home here. She’s a fabulous addition to our lives. Last week, she was awesome. She retrieved a bird I thought was lost in cattails for sure. Amazing nose. Thanks again for your grace, kindness and friendship. Quotes End
~ Randy
Setter, CH Houston's Blackjack x Northwoods Chardonnay

It is impossible to beat your pointers!!!!! Quotes End
~ Wayne
Pointers, CH Elhew G Force x Northwoods Vixen and Dashaway x Goodgoing Moxie

Roy impressed me a ton this weekend. He was finding birds in front of me, to the side and even in places I did not expect him to be. Also, I have yet to see him mishandle a bird he finds. His points are very staunch and he never crowds. Roy even retrieved a bird to hand. That is not to say he wanted to release the bird, but it was fun to see him saunter down the trail (past Barry) with a grouse in his mouth and walk right to me. Quotes End
~ Chris
Setter, Northwoods Blue Ox x Northwoods Chablis

Whatever you two did, you did it right. Rae has acclimated to suburban life seamlessly. She is my constant companion and the most stylish dog at the dog park. She and I are the best of pals. Thank you! Quotes End
~ David
Setter, CH Ridge Creek Cody x Northwoods Chardonnay