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Northwoods Bird Dogs is now producing the seventh generation of English setters and fifth generation of pointers. Jerry and Betsy are committed to producing top quality dogs from the best dams and sires in the country. They strive for puppies that have it all—excellent physical conformation, superior instincts, intelligence and wonderful dispositions. With proper environment and training, their puppies will mature into outstanding dogs, whether in the woods, fields or in the home.

A limited number of litters is planned each year. Some puppies are available for sale while others will be owned and trained by Northwoods Bird Dogs.

Northwoods Parmigiano x Northwoods Rum Rickey

puppies for sale sean 250puppies for sale rickey 250

This is a first-time breeding for these outstanding young dogs. Both are hard hunting, strong bird finders that display the ultimate characteristics in a wild bird dog.

Northwoods Parmigiano (Sean) is a 48 lb., tri-color with a solid head. He is compact, leggy and strong. Sean is a “10” in motion with his lofty style and driving, effortless gait. His posture and intensity on point is electric and he will have the bird accurately located. He is a bold, tough dog in the field but has a kind disposition. He has pointed wild birds on the prairie, in the grouse woods and in the piney woods of Georgia. He is a natural backer and a soft-mouthed retriever.

As a derby-aged dog, Sean won derby and shooting dog stakes in the grouse woods. He’s also placed in horseback trials and shooting dog grouse stakes. Sean is owned by Paul Hauge.

Northwoods Rum Rickey is an athletic, 37-lb., dog with a square head and lightly ticked body. Like all the breeding dogs of Northwoods Bird Dogs, she is hunted and has proven to be a strong bird finder that naturally backs. Rickey has a beautiful, easy gait and is a close-working, easy-to-handle dog. The intensity she exhibits—whether pointing or backing—is uncommon. And when she points, the bird is right where she indicates.

Rickey was bred in early June and should whelp about August 10. Puppies are $1,095.

CH Elhew G Force x Northwoods Prancer


Prancer whelped two females and two males on May 5. The litter is reserved.

Northwoods Grits x CH I’m Blue Gert 

puppies for sale gritsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Gert whelped three females on July 11. The litter is reserved.

Northwoods Grits x Houston’s Belle’s Choice 

puppies for sale gritspuppies for sale houstons belles choice age 7

Choice whelped one female and three males on June 13. The litter is reserved.

Blue Riptide x Northwoods Carly Simon 

puppies blue riptide 240ppuppies carly simon 240p

Carly whelped six females and two males on June 24. The litter is reserved.


Puppy Slideshow:

She is handling quail great, listens well, handles to the front naturally and with little care, and backs some of the time. She is nice and calm in the house. Quotes End
~ Matt
Blue Shaquille x Snyder's Liz, Setter

The whole family loves her—she is the sweetest dog we have ever had. She is very calm in the house and will sit on your lap all day if you let her, but when you take her in the field she's a demon! Quotes End
~ Kevin
Northwoods Blue Ox x Northwoods Chablis, Setter

At only five months she’s really impressed me with her natural abilities. She’s already had some nice points on grouse; many, many points on woodcock. My compliments on your fantastic dogs and breeding program! Quotes End
~ Ron
Blue Riptide x Blue Ghost, Setter