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Northwoods Bird Dogs is now producing the seventh generation of English setters and fifth generation of pointers. Jerry and Betsy are committed to producing top quality dogs from the best dams and sires in the country. They strive for puppies that have it all—excellent physical conformation, superior instincts, intelligence and wonderful dispositions. With proper environment and training, their puppies will mature into outstanding dogs, whether in the woods, fields or in the home.

A limited number of litters is planned each year. Some puppies are available for sale while others will be owned and trained by Northwoods Bird Dogs.

Listed below are litters planned for 2018.

Northwoods Grits x Northwoods Carbon   Pedigree


Northwoods Grits is a tremendous grouse dog, adding his name to among the best in the history of the Northwoods string. Grits has a handsome, blocky, evenly masked head and weighs 50 lbs. He has an excellent nose and a strong, powerful stride with an eye-appealing way of going. He has the ultimate disposition—calm, quiet and a want-to-please attitude. For full details about Grits, please view Current Generation Males.

Northwoods Carbon weighs 35 lbs. and is heavily ticked with a solid, tri-color head. She is classy in motion and has tremendous prey drive and intensity on point. She matured early—pointed wild quail in Georgia at five months of age. When you turn Carbon loose, she is focused on one thing—finding birds. Perhaps best of all, Carbon has a super sweet temperament. This is her third litter. Her previous puppies have been outstanding.

Carbon whelped three females and six males on December 26, 2017. Puppies are $1,495. Some males are available.

CH Rock Acre Blackhawk x Northwoods Vixen   Pedigree


This is a repeat of the highly successful 2015 breeding. Several of the nine puppies are campaigned in field trials across the country and have won no matter the venue or bird. Others are outstanding hunting dogs and home companions.

CH Rock Acre Blackhawk was a well-conformed, medium-sized, nicely marked male. He is still one of the best producing sires in pointer history. No matter what female is used, he has the ability to improve the progeny especially when bred to Elhew lines. Blackhawk produces naturally talented wild bird dogs with eye-appealing style. Pups that been given opportunity in field trials have won at every level of competition.

Northwoods Vixen is a beautiful pointer with black/orange coloration and excellent conformation. She has an even mask, a dark nose and sharp brown eyes. Vixen is a dream to have in the house and gets along well with any dog. She is hard hunting, handles easily, backs naturally and retrieves. Vixen is a proven dam and her puppies inherit her intelligence, playful personality and her talent in the field. For full details about Vixen, please view Current Generation Females.

Vixen is expected to be bred late January 2018. The litter is reserved.

RU-CH Erin’s Prometheus x Northwoods Carly Simon   Pedigree

puppies-prometheus-250 puppies 2016 carly 250

This is a repeat of the exciting 2017 breeding.

RU-CH Erin’s Prometheus is a handsome, 50-lb., orange-and-white setter. He is talented and athletic with a head full of sense. He is from a litter of other winners including CH Erin’s Hidden Shamrock, a male that competed in the three-hour National Championship in 2016. The sire of that litter, CH Ridge Creek Cody, was whelped and started by Northwoods Bird Dogs. Prometheus’ dam is from the foundation of Skydance setters.

Northwoods Carly Simon displays ideal conformation for a setter female—squarely built and leggy—and moves with a fluid, easy gait. She weighs 39 lbs. and has a beautiful, evenly masked head. No matter the state or bird, Carly is a strong bird finder. She is a dream to handle and carries her tail high and straight whether hunting or pointing. Her four previous litters have produced exceptional dogs including daughters  Carbon and Bismuth. Carly’s puppies inherit her sweet disposition, attractive looks, bird finding and poise in the woods. For full details about Carly, please view Current Generation Females.

Carly is expected to whelp in late March 2018. Puppies are $1,495. Some males are available.

Northwoods Grits x Northwoods Gucci   Pedigree


Northwoods Grits is one of the best all-around grouse dogs ever produced by Northwoods Bird Dogs and he passes those traits to his progeny. For full details about Grits, please view Current Generation Males.

Northwoods Gucci weighs 40 lbs. and is heavily ticked with an evenly masked, tri-color head. She is super classy in motion with a lofty, easy gait. Her style is beautiful whether pointing or backing. She hunts well in warm weather, has a medium range and handles easily. She is equally at home in the grouse woods, the piney woods or on the Montana prairie. She won the Minnesota/Wisconsin 2017 Derby of the Year. (http://northwoodsbirddogs.com/gucci-co-wins-derby-of-the-year/) This is her first litter.

Gucci is expected to be bred in mid winter 2018. Puppies are $1,495. Some males are available.

Puppy Slideshow:

We can’t say enough about how much joy Timber has brought into our lives. His first hunting season was filled with great experiences—his “million-dollar points” took my breath away! He is definitely on his way to being the dog of a lifetime. Thanks for helping to make it possible! Quotes End
~ Keith
Pointer, CH Elhew G Force x Northwoods Prancer

Lucy……. everybody loves Lucy! I am serious. I don’t know what she has got but you can’t help but smile every time you watch her. She is so calm and nice when you stop and pet her…..she just soaks it up…..but take her out side and she is all systems go! I could not be any happier! Thank you for all your help and another wonderful dog. Quotes End
~ Mike
Setter, CH Shadow Oak Bo x Northwoods Chardonnay

I can’t believe I got one of your dogs. Quotes End
~ Jeff
Setter, Northwoods Grits x Houston's Belle's Choice

Never took a shot all day. Last 45 minutes, took Buddy out just trying to see if I can get him to move with me and respond to the collar. Shot 4 birds over him. He looked at me with, “Hey, I was born for this.” Quotes End
~ Joe
Pointer, CH Elhew G Force x Northwoods Vixen

Daisy put on a world-class performance tonight—best hunt of the year. In an hour and a half she had 9 finds which included 16 birds. She worked the running groups like a master. This was all with NO WIND, dead air. What a night.....and I did not have to say a word to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quotes End
~ Bill
Setter, Blue Chief x Blue Blossom

First and foremost, on behalf of our entire family, thank you very, very much for the wonderful experience throughout the whole process of us acquiring a puppy from Northwoods Bird Dogs. It is obvious you are both very knowledgeable and committed to raising and training quality dogs, and we’re happy to be recipients of that. When we left your place on Friday, we all agreed that we got the best one and she was meant to be for our family!! EVERYBODY LOVES HER SO MUCH!!! Quotes End
~ Gregg
Setter, CH Ridge Creed Cody x Northwoods Chardonnay

When I think about all of the hunting I have done with Izzie this first year, I think what I like best is her adaptive nature. I have hunted her in the woods in MN and WI, on all the desert birds in AZ and have run her off horseback. In each case she quickly and naturally figures out where to be and what to do. Loads of style, quick learner, so much natural ability, great instincts and pleasant to be around. Thanks again and keep breeding pointers with these qualities. Quotes End
~ Jeff
Pointer, CH Westfall's Black Ice x Northwoods Prancer

Thank you once again for allowing me the opportunity to own one of your fine bird dogs. I’ve had the pleasure of hunting over a number of dogs in my lifetime. Zada has drive and intelligence, a rare combination in a young bird dog. Quotes End
~ Tom
Setter, CH Ridge Creek Cody x Northwoods Chardonnay

Roxy has been an outstanding addition to our family. She is full of life and our children absolutely love her. Quotes End
~ Joe
Setter, Northwoods Grits x Houston's Belle's Choice

Piper (who we always knew was a kind of an eerie bird savant) has become even more so. She pointed (on the clock) at 7 seconds out, and I said, "That's my Piper." She continues to be a delight, and the most amazing dog I've ever seen as she pairs incredible drive with critical thinking and the world's sweetest temperament. Thanks again for all your remarkable work which gave me such a wonderful friend. Quotes End
~ Roberta
Setter, Blue Riptide x Blue Ghost

Duke has had a fantastic season with several points, but this one tonight on a woodcock is about as "classic" as they get! He pointed 19 woodcock this evening and a ruff. At this point in the season he has pointed sharptails, huns, ruffs, woodcock, and pheasants; and he's backed on all of these as well as sage grouse! Still looks at me when I miss though... Quotes End
~ Tom
Setter, Blue Shaquille x Houston's Belle's Choice

Took the dogs out on a morning woodcock hunt on Sunday. It was a memorable day. Each dog had some pointed birds and each dog had retrieved birds. Could not ask for anything more. Quotes End
~ Mark
Three Pointers, CH Elhew G Force x Northwoods Prancer, CH Westfall’s Black Ice x Nothwoods Prancer, Dashaway x Fallset Fate

So proud of Finn for a 9-month-old pup! On one bird he locked up 70 yards in front of me and held 5 minutes or more until I busted through a bog to get to him and flush the bird. And then, he won’t even give me time to praise him afterwards – he retrieves and then takes off looking for more! Feeling pretty fortunate to have one of your dogs – especially from Oscar. Quotes End
~ Todd
Setter, Northwoods Blue Ox x Northwoods Chablis

I thought I would drop you a line to let you know Frisco is loving her new job…hunting. She naturally loves retrieving and the size of a pheasant is no problem. Other hunters are very pleased as well as us with her disposition; she is so pleasant and well mannered. Frisco listens well and doesn’t go hunting off on her own. She also gets along with other hunters’ dogs. Quotes End
~ Rick
Setter, Blue Riptide x Northwoods Carly Simon

Wanted to let you know that Hartley, Lacey and I are still having loads of fun together! He’s a fantastic dog and we can’t commend you both enough on your dogs and breeding program. Quotes End
~ Nick
Setter, Northwoods Grits x Houston's Belle's Choice