Current & Past Dogs

Current Generation Females

Northwoods Bird Dogs is now producing the seventh generation of English setters and fifth generation of pointers. Detailed here are current-generation females that are vital contributors to the breeding program.Northwoods Chablis  Setter, whelped January 5, 2009,  White, Black, Tan & Ticked
Blue Shaquille x Houston’s Belle’s Choice  Pedigree

Chablis weighs 38 lbs. and has a mostly white body with a spot at the base of her tail. She has dark, lively eyes and an attractive marking by her right eye. Chablis is owned by a client of Northwoods Bird Dogs who proclaims she is one of his absolute best over ruffed grouse and woodcock. Chablis was early-maturing; she found and handled many ruffed grouse her first season. She hunts hard, handles and is staunch. Chablis is line bred to Houston and inherited his intense style and loftiness on point.Northwoods Vixen  Pointer, whelped April 17, 2011,  White, Orange & Ticked
CH Westfall’s Black Ice  x Northwoods Prancer  Pedigree

current females vixen 518

Vixen is a leggy, 40-lb. dog an even mask and white body. Her coloration is black/orange with a dark nose and sharply intelligent brown eyes. Vixen is a dream to have in the house and gets along well with any dog. She is a hard-hunting dog that handles easily, backs naturally and retrieves. She is beautiful to watch in the fields and woods—whether in motion or on point, intense and stylish.  She has pointed wild birds from northern Minnesota to southern Georgia.  Vixen is out of CH Westfall’s Black Ice x Northwoods Prancer, a stellar litter of females that are excellent house dogs as well as wild bird dogs.Northwoods Carly Simon  Setter, whelped June 18, 2011,  White, Black, Tan & Ticked
Blue Shaquille x Houston’s Belle’s Choice  Pedigree

current females carly simon 518p

Carly weighs 39 lbs. and has a lightly ticked body. She is evenly masked with intelligent, dark brown eyes. Like all of the breeding females at Northwoods Bird Dogs, Carly is a naturally talented wild bird dog that gets hunted. At two years of age, she played a big part in their grouse guiding string. She is an incredibly balanced dog with a quick easy gait and a high tail, both running and on point. She is steady to wing and shot and naturally backs. She doesn’t beat herself up in any cover and has good endurance. She is an excellent house dog with a sweet disposition. Carly is line bred to Houston and inherited his intensity and loftiness on point.Northwoods Chardonnay  Setter, whelped January 5, 2009,  White, Black, Tan & Ticked
Blue Shaquille x Houston’s Belle’s Choice  Pedigree

Chardonnay is a leggy, 40-lb., dog with a beautiful head and uncommon markings. She is a strong bird finder, is naturally staunch and backs. Chardonnay has a long stride that easily carries her over the ground and a style in motion that is both exuberant and exciting. Her loftiness on point is breathtaking—whether pointing ruffed grouse, sharp-tailed grouse or woodcock. She placed in every grouse trial she was entered and won the Minnesota/Wisconsin Derby of the Year award in 2011.


Northwoods Vixen (CH Westfall's Black Ice x Northwoods Prancer).