Merry Christmas!

Northwoods Brie (Northwoods Blue Ox x Houston’s Belle’s Choice, 2010)
Photo: Chris Mathan

From all of us in southwestern Georgia, wishing peace, love and joy to our bird dog friends this holiday season.

Like father, like daughter

In the grouse woods, not many dogs are as fast, focused and unrelenting as Northwoods Grits (Northwoods Blue Ox x Northwoods Chablis, 2011). Back in the hunting cabin though, Grits’ style is altogether different. He is utterly at ease relaxing and snoozing—especially in the lap of his owner, Bob Senkler.

“Like father, like son” is the usual idiom but in the case of some of our setters, I prefer “Like father, like daughter.”

Northwoods Blue Q Tip (Quinny) was whelped in early April 2017 out of Northwoods Bismuth by Grits. Even though just a puppy, Quinny has had a stellar first season. Not only did she find plenty of grouse but she even pointed some.

In the evening after a long day in the woods, Quinny finds solace in precisely the same manner as Grits—sprawled in the lap of her owner, Brody Dietz.

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