Chris Mathan visits from Maine

Chris captures six-month-old pointer puppy Izzie pointing a quail.

Chris Mathan of The Sportsman’s Cabinet in Gorham, Maine, recently spent several days with us. Jerry and I are in the middle of a major website re-design project and brought Chris here for consultation and to shoot lots of new photographs.

In addition to being a friend, she is the extremely talented designer who is responsible for identity creation, website development, marketing and advertising for both Northwoods Bird Dogs and my alter-ego, Dazzle Gardens. Chris also studied photography and has an exceptional eye when photographing bird dogs, upland hunting, field trials and flowers

Frank LaNasa, the guy who shares our prairie training camp, came up for an afternoon so Chris could take photographs of his two new champions, CH Homemade, winner of the National Amateur Prairie Chicken Shooting Dog Championship and the Region 19 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship and CH Lil Miss Sunshine, National Open Prairie Chicken Shooting Dog Championship winner.

Oscar, Jerry, Steve and Chris relax after a morning hunt.

Many thanks to our models Steve Snyder and Jeff Hintz. You looked marvelous!

Fall guiding memories: 2011

If one is a grouse and woodcock hunter, the beautiful month of October is for one thing and one thing only—to be in the woods hunting behind a couple of bird dogs.  

For about two weeks now, Jerry has been guiding grouse hunting clients out of Bowen Lodge northwest of Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Even though the peak of the grouse cycle might have passed, Jerry and the dogs are doing very well…..and having a blast.

Hunters Wayne and Mike are flanked by setters Sonny and Chardonnay.

Jerry is up there with a truly talented string of bird dogs. Four are owned by us:  Blue Shaquille, Northwoods Blue Ox, Northwoods Chardonnay and Northwoods Prancer. Setters owned by clients are also proving invaluable:  Houston’s Miss Liddy (Paul Hauge) and Snyder’s Liz (Steve Snyder).

Young dogs of ours Jerry is working include two pointers, Northwoods Zeus and Northwoods Vixen, and the setter male Northwoods Grits.

Paul & Bucky: the perfect pair

Is there a better pair than a boy and his dog?

A dog teaches a boy fidelity, perseverance, and to turn around three times before lying down.

~ Robert Benchley

Bucky spent the first nine years of his life hunting the woods of east central Minnesota as an esteemed member of one of our client’s string of bird dogs. In 2004, he even made the cover of Shooting Sportsman magazine.

During late winter of 2010 Bucky suffered a brain trauma and became ill. He is tough, though, and pulled through but never regained the physical stamina to be hunted.

Enter Paul Diggan, age 12. Paul is the son of Mark and Martha Diggan of Sandstone. Mark is a good friend of Dan Stadin, the guy who works with us, and through Mark, Paul also is a friend of Dan’s. In fact, Paul often accompanies Dan to work and has spent hours with us either in the kennel doing chores or out in the field working dogs.

Somehow, someone concocted the idea that maybe Paul could adopt Bucky. How to convince Paul’s parents? What would Paul’s sister, Kelly, think? What about the other two dogs in the Diggan household? Would our client agree?

Several negotiations followed and many conversations and telephone calls later, all was arranged.

Paul and Bucky are now great pals. And Bucky upgraded his kennel bed to the comforts of either Kelly’s or Paul’s bed.

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