I’m Houston’s Image (1999 – 2007)

I’m Houston’s Image, call name Jake, was a 45-pound, tri-color English setter with a beautiful blocky head and square build. He naturally backed and retrieved and was an outstanding wild bird dog. Jake was stylish in motion and would take your breath away on point with his lofty pose.

Jake was bred by Paul Hauge out of his stud, Houston, and a double-granddaughter of CH Destinaire. 


spent his early years as a guide dog on a hunting preserve in
Wisconsin. The first time I saw Jake, he was being worked with two young
dogs. Jake went on point and, for a brief time, the young dogs backed
him. Eventually they went in and busted his birds and, through it all,
Jake stood like a brick!  During his tenure at the preserve he had
hundreds of birds killed over him.


Paul bought Jake and
sent him to us as a field-trial prospect. Jake could definitely find and
point wilds birds but one major issue became apparent. At the game
farm, he was basically followed as he went from bird to bird. In a field
trial, however, he had to handle to the course. He never overcame the
problem and it eventually eliminated him from competition.


the meantime, though, I had started using Jake on guided grouse hunts
and Texas quail hunts. He was a bit difficult in the grouse woods—he
could find grouse and stay on point for a long time, but the challenge
was to find Jake on point! He was awesome on Texas quail. He went from
covey to covey and pointed like a bull. One memorable evening hunt, Jake
pointed 12 wild coveys!


Jake was bred sparingly—probably
to fewer than five dams—and produced very nice dogs. We bred Blue Silk
to him early in 2006 and that litter of eight puppies turned out to be
exceptional. We worked six of them, including three females, Satin From
Silk, Blue Spirit and I’m Blue Gert. All three have been successfully
field trialed and have garnered placements in puppy, derby and shooting
dog stakes. In fact, I’m Blue Gert won the Region 19 Amateur Walking
Shooting Dog Championship at 29 months of age.


though not widely known, Jake possessed extremely valuable genetic
traits to pass on to future generations. We are grateful for his
contribution to our bloodlines.


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